The downed pilot Icarus. His twin pistols are powered by fuel cells, letting him fire at an astounding rate and jettisoning their extra power as thermobaric grenades. A well rounded character that can confuse and punish the unwary.


Primary Weapon: Dual Pistols[edit | edit source]

Icarus uses his trusty dual pistols to fire two quick and consecutive shots at the enemy for a quick burst of damage.


Secondary Weapon: Flashbang[edit | edit source]

Icarus launches a flashbang grenade into the battlefield dealing a medium amount of damage and confusing the enemy, reversing all affected enemies movement directions for a short period of time.


Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Icarus’ primary attack (dual pistols) make him a great mercenary for a mobile play style - quick bursts of high damage allow Icarus to get up close, deal damage and get out before things get too hot to handle!


  • Use Icarus’ special (Flashbang) in a team fight to confuse the enemy team and capitalise on their mistakes!
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