100 Guns Wiki


Primary Weapon: Shotgun[]

Luther bursts in and fires an explosion of bullets in a radial direction for medium - high damage.


Secondary Weapon: Sleep Gas[]

(rewrite) Throws a ballistic sleep grenade that leaves a gas that obscures the other teams vision, slows them and leaves them unconscious if they spend too long inside



  • Luther’s shotgun is a lot more effective up close. Close the gap to ensure as many bullets as possible damage the opponent.
  • Luther’s skills rely greatly on his ability to be stealthy - using his primary and secondary weapons effectively are essential for using this mercenary skillfully.
  • Once Luther’s special is ready (Sleep Gas), get into close proximity with the enemy team and use this ability to disorientate the enemy team before engaging in an attack with the Shotgun. The element of surprise is Luther’s speciality!